Business to Business

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Decrease Risk - Increase Satisfaction

Hope Trust also works with law firms, financial planners, managers, insurers, government agencies and bank trust departments by providing private label/white label services. We provide support that enables these organizations to manage and minimize risk, retain assets under management, preserve revenue and increase customer satisfaction.


Our unique approach to planning and managing special needs trusts ensures that we know the unique situation and care requirements of every client. Our expertise ensures that your beneficiary receives the services they need. We also back our services with an insurance policy that protects your organization from liability.

Too Big Too Small

The client data we gather through our Planner service uniquely position us to deliver an industry leading experience for your clients. We then apply that information to ensure that beneficiaries get the services they need, when they need them, and in full accordance with the wishes of the grantor and the terms of the trust agreement. We drastically reduce the risk of a too big, too small lawsuit – and back that assurance with insurance that indemnifies you when we act as your services concierge.  

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Documents Only

License our Planner technology and software to collect comprehensive intake data. Generate customized care plans and special needs trust documents for your clients.

Concierge Services

Utilize our expertise and Care Coordinators for day-to-day trust execution and distribution management. Our staff acts as an extension of your organization, your clients receive superior service and your organization retains trust assets under management. We assume responsibility and most of the risk, reducing your liability and enabling you to focus on your core business.


We purchase special needs trusts, supplemental needs trusts and discretionary trusts, assuming full responsibility for their servicing. Grantors and their beneficiaries receive the level of attention and service they require, enabling you to shed high-risk, low-return assets so you can focus on core sectors of your business.