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Special Needs

Israeli Military Programs Utilize the Strengths of Autistic Individuals

Approximately one percent of the world’s population is diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. Diagnosis often means a lifetime of challenges for people with Autism as they have difficulty learning social skills and communicating with others. These challenges make it difficult for teenagers and adults to find jobs and contribute meaningfully within their communities. However, programs […]

by Jessica Fisher • June 18, 2019
Finance Special Needs

Financial Planning for Families with Special Needs

The reality of supporting a child with special needs is that care, support, and education over the course of the child’s lifetime are expensive. While the government will assist families with the basic level of service to the child, parents who want a higher level of care often have to pay out of pocket for […]

by Jessica Fisher • May 10, 2019
Finance Special Needs

Planning for Your Future: ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts

One of the biggest stressors for aging parents of adult children with special needs is planning for the future. Parents have to consider the best way to support their child during and beyond their lifetime. Situations like this are complex and require parents to juggle many unknowns such as the level of government assistance they […]

by Jessica Fisher • May 6, 2019
Finance Special Needs

Funding Special Needs Plans with your Roth IRA

There are two factors currently raising the demand for special needs planning. The first factor is the increasing longevity of the special needs population, and the second being the challenge of families to save enough to fund the expenses of people with special needs over the long term. Few financial professionals have a comprehensive understanding […]

by Jessica Fisher • April 30, 2019
Special Needs

Climbing Rates of Autism

A recent study, using research from Rutgers University, found that the rate of autism in New Jersey jumped 43% percent between the years 2010 and 2014. While the rise in autism rates in New Jersey is dramatic, it reflects a similar trend in the increase of autism rates across the country. Researchers went on to […]

by Jessica Fisher • April 19, 2019