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30 Years of the ADA

Anyone who has ever used a ramp at an airport to roll luggage, or at a mall to push a stroller, has benefited from the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). But as helpful and necessary as those ramps may seem for all, they wouldn’t exist had they not been installed specifically to accommodate those using […]

by Jessica Fisher • August 12, 2020
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July is Herbal & Prescription Interaction Awareness Month

For many people prescription medications are a fundamental necessity to maintaining good health. While some may need it for physical health, others may need it for stabilizing their emotional health. But in either case prescription medications perform a number of important functions; balancing body or brain chemistry, interacting with cells or targeting specific receptors, medication […]

by Jessica Fisher • July 28, 2020
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DOE Offers Guidance on Handling Disputes During Pandemic

Ask any teacher, parent, or student right now and they’ll likely tell you that at-home education during COVID-19 has been a significant challenge. Remote learning is simply not a substitute for learning in the classroom; there are too many things that just can’t be accomplished on a Zoom call. For children with disabilities and their […]

by Jessica Fisher • July 3, 2020
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Pride Month 2020

It’s June and for members of the LGBTQ community, their families, friends, and allies, it’s a time of remembrance, commemoration, and celebration. It’s a time of year when we recognize the sweeping impact the LGBTQ community has had on history in the U.S. and around the globe. June is Pride Month! Some of the most […]

by Jessica Fisher • June 12, 2020
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Summer 2020 – How To Make the Best of It

It’s been a really, really, really long spring, hasn’t it? And who among us can’t use a break right about now; especially from our homes?  Not only have we been stuck inside, but also stuck working from home and educating our children at home. That’s a lot of time in one place and cabin fever […]

by Jessica Fisher • June 5, 2020