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Celebrating Social Work Month

Holmdel, NJ – Hope Trust is helping celebrate Social Work Month in March by raising awareness about the meaningful and rewarding work done by our Hope Care Coordinators. Social workers are trained to holistically examine and improve the lives of the people they work with. Nationwide, social workers touch the lives of millions of people […]

by Jessica Fisher • April 1, 2019
Special Needs

The Increasing Need for Long Term Care as Autism Rates Climb

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of children diagnosed with autism has increased from 1 in 150 in 2000 to approximately 1 in 59 in 2014. The increase in the rate of diagnosis is due to combination of factors including better evaluation practices and increased public awareness. As more cases […]

by Jessica Fisher • March 1, 2019
Lifestyle Special Needs

Technology’s Promise to People with Special Needs

If you were one of the 100 million people that watched the Super Bowl this year, you probably watched the commercials that filled air-time between downs. While most of these commercials were the typical beer and fast food advertisements, there was one commercial by Microsoft that stood above the rest and touched many viewers. In […]

by Jessica Fisher • February 13, 2019
Lifestyle Special Needs Technology

Creating Peace of Mind for People with Psychological Disorders

For people that live with psychological disorders, it is important to follow a specific routine that mitigates unexpected, stressful events. When an unpredictable, high stress situation does occur, it may stimulate a psychological episode. If the episode is severe, hospitalization is often necessary. Without the presence of mind to communicate the best course of treatment, […]

by Jessica Fisher • February 7, 2019
Special Needs

Work and Caregiving

New research from Harvard Business School reveals that three quarters of the American workforce have responsibilities as a caregiver. These responsibilities include caring for children, elderly family members, or disabled family members. When polled, workers indicated that their caregiving responsibilities have a negative effect on their level of productivity at work. Despite this claim by […]

by Jessica Fisher • January 30, 2019