Focus on Mental Health in the New Year

by Jessica Fisher • January 13, 2020

The beginning of the year marks a turning point for many people. This is the time of year that most people make resolutions to improve their lives by setting an intention to be more healthy and prosperous. While most resolutions tend to focus on physical health, like eating healthier or losing weight, it may be […]

Tech Companies Design Apps for the Special Needs Community

by Jessica Fisher • December 4, 2019

New technologies have opened up new worlds for us by expanding the way in which we can communicate and share information with one another. As new technologies continue to develop, we are seeing more and more tools emerge that are geared toward helping the special needs community. New software, apps, and even robotics are being […]

Creating Peace of Mind for People with Psychological Disorders

by Jessica Fisher • February 7, 2019

For people that live with psychological disorders, it is important to follow a specific routine that mitigates unexpected, stressful events. When an unpredictable, high stress situation does occur, it may stimulate a psychological episode. If the episode is severe, hospitalization is often necessary. Without the presence of mind to communicate the best course of treatment, […]