Financial Management

Comprehensive planning. Informed budgeting. Strategic investment and management. Experienced, attentive administration and oversight.

Financial Planning

Our experienced financial planning, investment, trust and care administration team members work together to identify and quantify your trust beneficiary’s needs. We help you articulate your financial goals for the trust, and guide you through a variety of options and strategies to create an investment strategy to fund a lifetime of care.


Our detailed intake process enables you to clearly identify your beneficiary’s needs and budget for them across the life of your trust. An accurate, comprehensive budget provides a financial baseline that guides financial planning and your trust’s investment strategy.

Minimum Funding

Our experts work with you to determine how much money should be placed in the trust to ensure a base for investment, along with resources to ensure a sufficient investment to fund ongoing care. More importantly, we help you identify the asset classes most appropriate for your goals and situation, such as securities, insurance policies or property.

Investment Management

A proper investment approach must reflect your, and your trust beneficiary’s, unique situation. Based on your risk tolerance and applying tax and investment strategies appropriate for your situation, we implement an investment approach that identifies appropriate assets, and focuses on growing and preserving capital to ensure adequate funding for the beneficiary’s lifetime.

New York Private Trust

Our partnership with New York Private Trust, a leading provider of fiduciary, trust management services to high net worth individuals, helps ensure that your trust is administered with the expertise and sensitivity you want and deserve.

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