The beginning of the year marks a turning point for many people. This is the time of year that most people make resolutions to improve their lives by setting an intention to be more healthy and prosperous. While most resolutions tend to focus on physical health, like eating healthier or losing weight, it may be equally important to set a resolution to improve mental health. The following are a few resolutions that can help improve peace of mind and overall mental well-being:


  1. Spend more time with friends and family: Studies have shown that people that regularly meet with friends or have tight-knit family ties have overall better mental health than those that spend much of their time apart from friends or family. It comes down to the level of social connection the individual feels to those in their lives.
  2. Schedule more time for self-care: People often become so focused on their professional responsibilities and daily commitments to others that they forget to take care of themselves. Scheduling time to rejuvenate oneself by slowing down and taking the time to do an activity that one enjoys is imperative to mental health. 
  3. Put down the phone: One of the biggest improvements we can make in our mental health is spending time away from the internet and social media. There are too many grabs for our attention that constantly pull us into undesirable emotional and mental states. 
  4. Practice gratitude: Everyone has things in their life to be grateful for, but we rarely reflect on them. However, when we do consistently reflect on the things that are good in our lives we are more likely to adopt a healthy mental framework and improve our overall happiness.


There are many more resolutions we can make to improve our mental health and happiness. The idea is to spend more time in a proactive state of mind than a reactive state of mind. Any resolution that consistently delivers us further from a state of overwhelm will improve our mental health.