New technologies have opened up new worlds for us by expanding the way in which we can communicate and share information with one another. As new technologies continue to develop, we are seeing more and more tools emerge that are geared toward helping the special needs community. New software, apps, and even robotics are being designed to make the lives of people with disabilities easier.

Samsung is one example of a company that is releasing new technology specifically intended to help people with special needs communicate more easily. Their app is called “Good Vibes” and it allows the deafblind to communicate with friends and loved ones by translating Morse code into text or voice. The app also works in reverse, allowing those unfamiliar with Morse code to speak or write messages into the app and have it translated for them. Messages are received by the deafblind through Morse code vibrations. Although the app is not available to consumers worldwide, Samsung’s “Good Vibes” is being piloted in India and has had outstanding reception from users.  

It’s exciting to see big tech companies like Samsung develop applications and technologies specifically geared toward the special needs community. It signals that engineers and developers understand the difficulties faced by people with special needs and are working on solutions that alleviate the hurdles in their path.