Fulfilling the daily requirements of a loved one with special needs requires more than any one caregiver can offer – it takes a village, and it takes a plan.

Hope Trust’s revolutionary technology enables you to develop a comprehensive care plan that can be updated anytime, anywhere. When complete, your plan empowers a team of family members, friends and professionals to provide for your loved one during your lifetime and guide your successors thereafter. Hope Trust’s dedicated team can assist you in executing your plan and incorporating it into your trust. Our in-house team of nationally recognized experts in psychology, social work, medicine, law, banking and financial planning work collectively to deliver a truly holistic service. From day to day tasks like paying bills and scheduling doctor’s appointments to managing trust distributions and resolving emergency situations, we are there 24/7/365 to provide a lifetime of support – because We Get It, and once your plan is created, We’ll Get You.

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Step 3 – Create Your Care Plan

Complete your intake questionnaire, and generate your customized Care Plan and trust documents.

Step 4 – Activate Your Hope Concierge

Our service options are flexible and our pricing is transparent, so there are no surprises. (Optional: Navigate Service)

Step 5 – Appoint Us As Your Trustee

We provide the coordinated, attentive care needed to meet your loved one’s needs throughout their lifetime. (Optional: Manage Service)


We are excited to offer a free educational webinar on the topic of special needs planning, including the important legal, financial, government benefit, and life care planning aspects.

The speaker is Debbie Niemann, mom to Cecilia who has cerebral palsy and complex medical issues. Debbie has her Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC) designation through the American College of Financial Services and is VP of Financial Service Integrations at Hope Trust.


  • What makes Hope Trust different?

    Hope Trust is a revolutionary concept in trust administration. Through our technology, we know every issue and challenge facing each beneficiary. With an amazing team of Hope Care Coordinators trained to serve those with challenges, we actively seek solutions to social, medical, financial, legal, and daily living struggles. Since we know that problems rarely occur exclusively during bank hours, we are available 24/7/365. Call us anytime and you’ll have US based experts ready to assist.

  • What types of diagnoses/disabilities can Hope Trust support?

    Hope Trust’s skilled care coordinators can support every imaginable challenge—behavioral, emotional, developmental or physical. This includes individuals who have dual diagnoses and chronic conditions. For example, we serve individuals of all ages with psychiatric disorders, physical disabilities, substance abuse problems, intellectual disabilities, brain injuries, dementia, and chronic physical illnesses or diseases.

  • What is a Hope Care Coordinator?

    A Hope Care Coordinator (HCC) is a professional with health and human services expertise who is here to serve you, 24/7/365.  HCCs implement and monitor the plan you developed for your loved one and are the main contact any time you or your loved one needs assistance. These coordinators will oversee day to day needs, ensure that the individual receives the highest quality of services, and manage unexpected emergency situations.

  • What qualifications do Hope Care Coordinators have?

    Our dedicated care coordinators have degrees in social work, nursing, psychology and other related fields. In addition, they undergo a comprehensive training program with emphasis on support and creative problem solving.

  • Who will be responsible for my relationship?

    Every Navigate and Manage client will have a dedicated Hope Care Coordinator who will be responsible for assembling all the members on the team, as needed, to review the short-term and long-term goals for your loved one.

  • How many relationships will a Hope Care Coordinator manage?

    The maximum number of relationships that a Hope Care Coordinator will be responsible for is 20. Since Hope Trust is dedicated to serving our clients 24/7/365, any of the Hope Care Coordinators will be able to help you with all requests for services.

  • How often will the care coordinator visit my love one?

    Our care coordinators work remotely and are available to your loved one by phone, text, or email 24/7/365. Hope Trust has partnerships with a number of local providers who will visit your loved one on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The frequency of these “check in” visits is determined by the needs of your family member and can be modified at any time to meet new challenges.

  • What is a Hope Care Plan?

    A Hope Care Plan is the customized guidebook for knowing and caring for your loved one. By completing our intake questionnaire, we gather key data regarding medical, legal, social, and financial needs. We then generate a guidebook – your Hope Care Plan – that contains the knowledge of the beneficiary’s needs and the grantor’s wishes your trustee relies on in discharging their duties.

    If Hope Trust is appointed trustee, our holistic and interdisciplinary team of social workers, psychologists, lawyers, nurses and financial professionals will be guided by the plan in determining how to best serve the trust beneficiary.

  • How often is the Hope Care Plan updated?

    The Hope Care Plan can be modified at any time to reflect the changing needs of your family member. At least annually, a thorough review is conducted to ensure all information is relevant and up to date.

  • Can we still be Hope Trust clients if we don’t use a smart phone?

    Absolutely! While many of our clients prefer the smartphone or tablet-based experience, you can also use a desktop or laptop computer to access our site. We also have 24/7 staff waiting for your phone call  so we are always accessible.

  • Do you draft a special needs trust – and do I still need a lawyer?

    Yes, and Yes! Our trust document has several unique features that help our clients become integrated with our system, including incorporating your Hope Care Plan directly into the Special Needs Trust. Once you complete the questionnaire, your documents will be instantly generated and should be taken to your attorney for review.

  • Can I keep my asset manager and have Hope Trust be trustee?

    Yes! Hope Trust partners with investment managers and will happily work with yours. Alternatively, we can refer you to one of our existing partners should you need a recommendation.

  • How do we get started?

    Just click login on the website or download our app. http://app.hopecareplan.com

  • Can Hope Trust help with seniors?

    There is a lot of overlap between senior care and caring for those with special needs, yet there are also several major differences. At this time, we are not specializing in serving senior clients, however, we may accept such trusts on a case by case basis. Don’t worry, we anticipate expanding into senior services shortly!