About Us

Our Story...

Is Much Like Your Own

The people who founded and lead Hope Trust know what it takes to live with and care for a loved one with special needs.

Each of us knows the unrelenting attention and effort required to ensure our children, siblings, parents or others with special needs get the help they need. These requirements extend beyond daily tasks, including assistance at school and at home. As caretakers, we feel responsible for making sure they receive proper medical care, counseling, social services and even legal representation when necessary. On into their adulthood, we manage their household needs, arrange food deliveries and transportation along with countless other tasks of daily life, providing financial support the entire way. We’re there when they need us – and that is often and at all hours – because we love them.

We’re there because there are no alternatives. Family members lack the time and training to handle the workload, and a traditional bank trust department is not prepared or equipped to provide the high-touch, round-the-clock service it takes to administer a special needs trust. Without us, our loved ones have nowhere else to turn for the essential help and support they need. We created Hope Trust because our families and the special needs family members we love deserve more.

Hope Trust is the first and only comprehensive, holistic solution that addresses the unique and ever-evolving needs of loved ones with special needs:

  • Expert trust and care planning services
  • 24/7/365 access to skilled care coordinators and fiduciary services
  • Instant access to products and services, whenever and wherever needed, in accordance with a detailed life care plan – all delivered with respect and empathy.

Hope Trust is both a labor of love and of critical necessity. We are here to provide your family with essential support, help you plan properly for the future of your loved one, offer peace of mind and welcome beneficiaries who will feel completely embraced for the 1st time by a corporate trustee.

We’re there because your family deserves the best.

Our Mission

Harness the power of technology and the dedication of skilled, knowledgeable professionals to serve and care for our clients and their families, enabling them to achieve their potential and live fuller, more rewarding lives.

Our Vision

We measure our success by the value we create:

  • Options that span the care spectrum, giving you the flexibility to choose and control the services you receive and ensure that all life needs are met.
  • Best-in-class, high-touch service and 24/7 accessibility, from our care coordinators dedicated to improving the life of every beneficiary entrusted to our care.
  • Service supported by technology that safeguards your interests, helping you preserve and manage your resources.
  • Experience in creating and managing special needs trusts, that help grantors and beneficiaries in ways that traditional trust companies cannot.
  • A culture of care, that is evident in everything we do – financial transparency for our clients, a singular focus on service, and an emphasis on social responsibility.

Our Team

Board Chairman & General Counsel
Russell J. Fishkind, Esq.

Russell is an attorney whose practice centers on trust and estate planning, with a focus on special needs planning, high net worth estate planning, business succession planning, and family office consulting. He also is the father of a special needs child.  Russell teaches at New York University and literally wrote the book on trust and estate planning as co-author of J.K. Lasser Pro’s™ Estate Business Succession Planning – A Legal Guide to Wealth Transfer. Russell has drafted more than 3,000 estate plans during his career along with several books and numerous articles, and appears regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC and U.S. News & World Report.

President & CEO
Daria Placitella

Surrounded by an amazing Team, Daria leads Hope Trust’s effort to bring legal, health care, and financial professionals together using our ground-breaking technology to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs and their families. Prior to joining Hope Trust, she was the regional president for PNC’s New Jersey market, and eventually rose to become the managing executive for the Eastern US, responsible for 35 teams with 20 billion in assets under management.

Chief Operating Officer
Joshua A. Fishkind, Esq.

Josh is responsible for recruiting, finance, and day to day operations, as well as managing the development of our groundbreaking technology. He has built and now manages an incredible Team of software developers, health care professionals, and financial services experts, all dedicated to delivering a holistic solution to a market that’s so in need of being embraced. By creating a flat hierarchy, he has cultivated an environment where all team members contribute to the growth and delivery of our technology platform and personalized services. As a JD/MBA, Josh has brought his education, his love of all things technology, and his passion for helping challenged individuals lead better lives to this rapidly growing Company.

Chief Clinical Coordinator
Cynthia Boyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Boyer hires, trains, and manages the Hope Care Coordinators to help them better understand and communicate with the beneficiaries. Then, by reviewing each beneficiary’s life care plan, she designs the protocol for the delivery of appropriate products and services for each of our clients. Formerly an Executive Director of brain injury services and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology, she brings 30 years of experience as a neuropsychologist serving individuals with neurological, psychiatric, intellectual, developmental and substance abuse disorders.

Sr. Care Coordinator
Jessica Fisher, M.S.W

Jess, together with the care team, organized and wrote a holistic questionnaire, enabling our innovative technology to synthesize and personalize each client’s life care plan. Guided by this Plan, she understands the nuances of each and every beneficiary, empowering her to deploy appropriate resources to help make their lives better. She graduated with both her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies, and Master’s degree in Social Work from Syracuse University.

Board of Directors

Cuong Viet Do

Cuong is the executive vice president of Samsung’s Corporate Strategy Group and former chief strategy officer for Merck, Tyco Electronics, and Lenovo. He also served as a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, a leading management consultancy, where he spent 17 years leading the firm’s healthcare, high technology and corporate finance practices. Cuong has held numerous leadership roles with Autism Speaks, a leading U.S. advocacy organization that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities.

Vincent Tizzio

Vince is the president and chief executive officer of Navigators Management Company, a publicly traded property and casualty firm with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Vince provides Hope Trust with guidance for evaluating and securing insurance coverage for risks associated with serving the special needs trust market.

Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D.

Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D. is the founder of Tamarind Partners, a research, advisory and consulting practice that works with affluent families and advisors and institutions connected to the ultra-high net worth family office market. A recognized consultant, researcher, advisor and speaker, Dr. Rosplock has authored numerous articles and books including The Complete Family Office Handbook, A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them. She serves on the board of Family Enterprise USA, a non-profit advocacy organization, and is a fellow of the Family Firm Institute and co-trustee of the Harbeck Family Foundation.

Robert Connell

Bob is the visionary behind Apex Financial Advisors. With over 40 years of experience in financial planning, and as one of the first to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in the country, he is truly a groundbreaker in the financial services industry.

Christopher Rooney

Christopher Rooney is a lobbyist, entrepreneur, and one of the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He’s also part of the leadership team of the Palm Beach Kennel Club. As an active Hope Trust Board Member,  he’s committed to helping individuals with special needs.