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Legal Special Needs

Navigating the Real World with a Learning Disability

For many students with learning disabilities their graduation from high school marks a turning point in the level of support they receive as they enter into college or the workplace. Individuals will typically receive support only if they disclose their disability, but many lack the awareness, confidence, and self-advocacy skills to do so. The challenges […]

by Jessica Fisher • November 2, 2018
Legal Trusts

Balancing Benefits and Lifetime Value for Clients with Special Needs

Special Needs Trusts are the typically thought of as the best method for receiving money for individuals with disabilities. However, qualified professionals should take the time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Special Needs Trusts as they pertain to their client’s individual cases. A proper analysis should take into consideration the related costs pertaining […]

by Jessica Fisher • November 2, 2018

A New Way to Save for People with Disabilities

In 2014, congress authorized a new savings option for people with disabilities. These new savings options, called ABLE accounts, began rolling out in 2016 and are already making a positive impact for account holders. Prior to the authorization of ABLE accounts, individuals with disabilities could not save money without the risk of losing their benefits […]

by Jessica Fisher • November 2, 2018
Legal Special Needs Trusts

Trustees’ Distribution Risk: Getting to Know You

Trustees’ Distribution Risk: Getting to Know You By: Russell J. Fishkind, Esq. New Jersey State Bar Association Mid-Year Conference November 9, 2018 Clients engaged in estate planning generally seek to pass their wealth tax-efficiently to those they love with the hope that the executed estate planning documents will affect their intentions. To the extent trusts […]

by Jessica Fisher • June 6, 2016