Over the last few years we’ve seen a positive trend emerging among retailers offering more products geared toward people with differing abilities. This year, Target launched a new line of adaptive Halloween costumes designed for children with special needs. Parents of special needs children that use wheelchairs or walkers know all too well the difficulty of having to build a costume from scratch. 

Target aims to make this Halloween season a little easier by offering costumes that are designed to fit over wheelchairs or can be mounted on walkers. With these new adaptive costumes, a child in a wheelchair can easily become a race car driver, a pirate on his ship, or a princess in a carriage. In addition to costumes that adapt to special equipment, Target is also offering costumes that are designed using special materials and fabrics for children with sensory processing disorders. The goal is to be more inclusive with the product they offer.

Target and other nationwide retailers that continue this trend send a clear signal to families of children with special needs. They’re saying “we see you and we want to provide products that fit your lifestyle”. This trend is building on a culture of inclusiveness and market expansion to serve areas of the public that have traditionally been overlooked. Every family has different needs and retailers like Target are picking up on the opportunity to meet those needs and gain valuable customers.